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Insulated Polyurethane Sandwich Panels

Manufacture of Sandwich Panels

- Manufacture of Prefabricated Polyurethane Sandwich Panels its Density is (40kg/m3) & its Thermal Conductivity is (k=0.021W/MK) & Fire Rating B2 (DIN 4102) & envelope from both sides by white lacquered galvanized steel plate (Z275), 0.5 mm thickness and covered with Protective Film:  P.E- 50 MY – PRINTED.

- Steel Sheets imported from Europe.

- PU Foam imported from USA or West Europe.

- Sandwich Panels produced individually according to the clients required.

-  tongue and groove system is used to achieve perfect foam to foam contact by using a special locking device system or cam locks for air tight joints.

LOCKING SYSTEM (optional):-

-By means of cam lock which comprise the most advanced and durable panel fastening system are spaced every 120 cm on each side of the panel.

THICKNESS: -          40 mm – 200 mm.

 WIDTH: -                 1000, 1100, 1160 mms.

Installation of Sandwich Panels

Frigo Arabia’s installation teams are responsible for installation insulated PU Sandwich panels produced by our company by Male & Female Connection & also Cam Lock Connection to ensure the foam to foam contact which give the highest level of insulation and that happen by using the latest equipment and using our own accessories such as flashing, rivets, sealant and other special accessories, Then inject the outside corners with Polyurethane.

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