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Industrial Water Chiller 

Frigo Arabia is Certified Industrial Water Chiller Designer & Assembler.

(Capacities range from 6 m3/hr. to 25m3/h)

Frigo Arabia's Chiller gives instant cooling, it only needs a few minutes to reach to the desire water degree. (5 ºc or 1 ºc)

Frigo Arabia's Chillers is placed in mobile container include chiller, cooling tower & tank up to 25 m3.

These container & tank are insulated with PU foam, to reduce any losses in cooled wated.

The container also contain a fan coil, to keep the temperature inside the chiller at suitable temperature  for machines & control panel.

It designed for industrial application that demand a lot amount of cooling water as concrete station.

All our components are imported from Europe.

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